Natalie’s focus is change and transformational leadership, leading people and organizations through change while building capacity for sustained and measurable resultsHer practice balances strong strategic project, process, and change management experience with a focus on people and culture. By drawing on her experience in organizational culture and ongoing studies in applied anthropology, Natalie is able to diagnose issues, see opportunities, and design transformational change. Using change and culture frameworks integrated with project management methodology, her work is supported by a holistic lens and systems inquiry. Natalie welcomes the opportunity to work with organizations of all sizes, in all sectors. 

Consulting Services

    • Culture Assessment and Transformation
    • Organizational Change Management
    • Customer Experience Insights
    • Technology and Process Transformation
    • System Change and Innovation
    • Project, Program and Portfolio Management

Connect – Many changes and projects fail to connect people, process, and technology to culture. Natalie aims to connect these important components as well as assess and integrate the change across organizational systems, embedding them in the culture. Connecting and integrating the change across the organization successfully reaches desired results while developing sustained change.

Create – Bringing innovation and ideas to reality requires inquiry, discovery, and collaboration across people and groups. All opinions matter and understanding the process of change leads to tolerant and expansive environments. Agility is required to adjust and evolve to ever changing needs and opportunities. Leadership based on inquiry, collaboration, and co-creation will head these results.

Capacity – Results are good, but are they the right results? Are they sustainable? Measurable? By taking time to inquire and cultivate an understanding of the organizational culture, change results will have staying power through deliberate capacity development. Capacity for ongoing learning is achieved by embedding evaluative practices and measures that will sustain intended change value and recognize opportunity for improvement.