Natalie Muyres, PMP

Since she was a child Natalie has always had a yearning to know more.

Growing up she was awed by the Egyptian pyramids, curious about primates and their likeness to humans and intrigued by people and other cultures.

She grew up watching Quincy and aspired to be a forensic pathologist and solve crimes. Not the typical dream job for a kid but perhaps a clue to her passion to get to the bottom of things. Natalie’s early work experience and university studies in primatology and anthropology became the foundation for a soon to be career as a keen observer and leader of people and change.

After university, Natalie landed a job at the start-up airline WestJet, which cultivated one of Canada’s most admired corporate cultures. A perfect fit for her growing business interest and passion for people and culture. At WestJet she researched new service offerings, customer experience innovations and led and implemented many projects. Her leaders and colleagues quickly realized that she had a knack for inquiry, was highly organized and enjoyed leading change…a career in change and project management took flight.

During her 11 years at WestJet Natalie had the opportunity to work with a variety of people in challenging and rewarding roles and was fortunate to experience an organization develop and grow from an ‘idea on a napkin’. Change was abundant at WestJet and there were many opportunities to learn and grow from each major shift in business. The founders at WestJet encouraged a different kind of thinking about people and business. This has left a strong impression on how Natalie believes business can be different, with a focus on culture and people as critical assets to a company’s success. Since then, Natalie has had the opportunity to work in different industries in Calgary, applying and extending her business transformation skills.

As an alumnus of Human Venture Leadership, Natalie has been inspired to think more broadly about business and how it integrates with society, impacts humanity and how changes we make today can influence the course of our future. Natalie is an Associate and volunteer Board Member of the Human Venture Institute and continues her inquiry and understanding into human and social development through the study of Human Learning Ecology.

Natalie is a graduate of the University of Calgary, Mount Royal University, a Project Management Professional (PMP), a certified Change Manager (PROSCI & Change Guides) and an Associate of Culture Strategy Fit. Natalie’s background in anthropology and ongoing study of societal and organizational culture, combined with her strategic change and project management experience, has led to innovative and collaborative ways to lead people and change. Change and transformational management, backed by Business and Organizational Anthropology, strategically incorporates the importance of people, culture and process in major organizational change. Natalie strongly believes you can’t separate these if you want to build capacity for sustained change.

Natalie is creative in her work, professional and focused on value-driven results. Born and raised in Calgary, Natalie can’t think of a better place to grow up and come home to after her travels. Natalie is a long time ashtanga yoga practitioner and when she’s not working (or standing on her head), you can find Natalie in the garden, on a hike, on her bike or reading. Natalie is married to Tony who shares her passion for travel, healthy living, hotrods, family, friends and great wine. Oh and she is a cat mom to Ollie “The Rascal” Muyres.

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